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  • Prior to the first of every month, students will receive an invoice detailing their projected lessons and monthly tuition. Payment is due within seven days via check, cash, or online (currently accepting Paypal and Venmo). Checks can be made payable to Nicole Messier




  • As a registered student in this studio, you have been assigned a specific lesson time that I hold available to you each week. I ask that you take this commitment seriously.  Excused absences require at least 24hrs notice to be eligible for a make-up lesson.  


  • In cases of unexpected illness, you must notify me by 10:00a on the day of the lesson. You can call (651-357-5850), text, or email me as I check my messages frequently. You will be charged for all unexcused absences.  



  • ​Any leave of absence from the studio (whether temporary or permanent) requires a one month advance notification. Failure to do so will result in a $75 termination charge.





  • Make-up lessons are offered at the discretion of the teacher and are available for the duration of the semester, becoming void at the start of the next semester. It is the responsibility of the student to use their make-up lesson credits. Students can login to their Music Teacher's Helper account to see how many pending make-up lesson credits they have. They can also send me emails/texts inquiring about make-up lesson scheduling.   




  • All students enrolled in private vocal study are expected to attend their weekly lessons prepared and on time. Assigned music must be present each week (students can use 3 ring binders or digital copies on tablets). Throughout the course of study, students will be responsible for purchasing music. Most beginner through advanced collections of vocal music range from $12-$20. Students are strongly encouraged to record their lessons via computers, phones, and tablets (or any other portable recording equipment).  








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